Endodontics & Root Canal Therapy in Chandler, AZ

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Keeping your teeth healthy is our biggest goal.

Endodontics is the specialty dealing with the roots of the teeth. The most common endodontic therapy is a root canal, which involves removing infected pulp and then filling the canal where the pulp once was. Dental pulp is the soft tissue, nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, root canal therapy can save the tooth; without a root canal, the infection will spread and eventually the tooth will fall out, requiring more costly dental implants or bridges to repair your bite. After a root canal, the tooth is dead because the nerve tissue and blood supply to the tooth have been removed. Over time, this causes the tooth to become brittle, a filling and crown are necessary to protect the tooth from cracking.

Bellissimo is dedicated to providing exceptional endodontic and root canal therapy, offering the latest in dental technology. Our highly experienced and qualified team will provide you with a comfortable and positive experience while ensuring that you retain a healthy and beautiful smile.

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