Dental Fillings in Chandler, AZ

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Don't let cavities affect your smile.

Most people will develop a cavity at some time in their lifetime. Modern dentistry offers many options that blend long-lasting strength and attractiveness. During your fillings appointment, Dr. Bjerke will first remove the decay and then fill the tooth using a tooth-colored composite resin.

Resin fillings are durable long-term for most fillings and are virtually undetectable when you smile. Because they can be matched to your natural shade, they can also be used for filling cavities in areas on front teeth and near the gum line.

Bellissimo Dentistry can help you choose the most cost-effective – and most attractive – option to preserve your dental health and your sparkling smile.

Make cavities a thing of the past.

Schedule your appointment at Bellissimo Dentistry today to get started!

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