Fluoride Treatments in Chandler, AZ

Cute child sitting with parents

Strong teeth are the foundation of a beautiful smile.

Research indicates that fluoride can help prevent cavities in children and adults in at least two ways:

  • By making the tooth enamel stronger against acids in the mouth formed by bacteria and sugar 
  • By helping to reduce the number of bacteria on the tooth surface

Water fluoridation is a common practice in U.S. public water systems. However, bottled water, home treatment systems, and private well water may not be fluoridated. The lack of fluoride for infants and children during the crucial formative years may contribute to tooth decay.

“Topical” applications such as toothpaste and mouth rinse can supply that fluoride. If you’re concerned about getting enough fluoride to protect your teeth, Bellissimo Dentistry offers fluoride treatments in the office to make sure all teeth receive the benefits of fluoride.

Ready for stronger, healthier teeth?

Schedule your appointment for a fluoride treatment at Bellissimo Dentistry today to give your teeth the protection they need!

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